Lance and Amy Auterson
Missionaries to France



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Lance and Amy were both saved as children.  Lance was raised on the mission field (the son of veteran BBFI missionaries Frank and Karon Auterson), but he says he experienced no call to become a missionary himself while on the field.

Lance did, though, purpose to attend Baptist Bible College for a year but he says, "During the first year I surrendered my life to Christ.  My senior year in 1996 God called me to be a missionary and in 1997 he specifically called me to France."

Amy, in the meantime, realized a call at the age of 10.  She later attended Baptist Bible College and during her junior year she surrendered to France.  She and Lance were married and spent their internship at Cherry Street Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri.  There they gained experience at all levels and age groups in the church and had ample opportunity to gain leadership skills necessary for church planting in Europe.

Lance says, "We would never be at peace anywhere other than where God wants us.  We are thankful for the opportunity to become missionaries of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International."



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